👋🏻 Hello, my name is Nenad Milosevic (🔊 Click here to hear the pronunciation) and I’m T-shaped interaction and interface designer. Currently based in Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 and looking for new job opportunities! Developing intuitive and frictionless user experiences is not just my expertise but also my passion. I love great design, problem solving and crafting digital interfaces that make people’s lives easier. Self-taught and fluent across multiple platforms and technologies. I’m now looking for new adventures here in Vienna so please hit me up if you have any job recommendations!

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Nenad Milosevic's logo.

Nenad Milosevic’s logo.

📇 Professional work experience

XLN Audio Interaction & Interface designer (freelance) | 2021

Hear360 Interface designer (freelance) | 2020

8dio Interface designer (freelance) | 2018-2019

Mixed In Key Interaction & Interface designer | 2017 – 2019

  • Worked on UX, designed UI and successfully launched Captain Plugins.
  • Completelly redesigned Mixed In Key app.
  • Designed, built and launched Mixed In Key and Captain Plugins website.
  • Designed brand identity for Captain Plugins.


Centili Mobile Payments
 Interaction & Product designer
| 2011 – 2016

  • Sole product designer for 4 years. Led design team for 1 year. In company from early days before product idea was born.
  • Crafted, designed, optimized, and implemented interfaces, interactions, and experiences, from scratch, for 8 applications, 4 websites, 3 blogs, iOS, Android and WinPhone apps, 2 android libraries, 1 Android game, and loads of landing pages.
  • Created and optimized experiences for users in 80 countries, more than 250 mobile network operators and dozens of partners and clients like Vodafone, Wargaming, Badoo, Nordeus, MTS.
  • Developed HTML/CSS to fully support RTL writing systems and 40+ languages.
  • Sped up the average session duration on Payment Page by 20% and average payment time by 600% (from 3m to 30s).
  • Played major part in squashing Payment Page file size from 300KB to 50KB.
  • Increased website hits by 700% over the last 4 years by constantly testing, redesigning, refining IA, enhancing forms, and improving user onboarding process.
  • Designed brand identity for Centili, ¥Coins and Apps & Games.
  • Helped in recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new designers.
  • Check out my case studies about mobile payments for a complete walkthrough of my design process.


Bipbop Games Co-founder & product designer | 2014 – 2016

  • Created user experiences for two Android games: Reflect Yoself and Colors.
  • Collaborated closely with a software engineer on ideation, research, and game design.
  • Crafted 10+ fully interactive prototypes and made game user interfaces.
  • User tested and collected feedback on mobile / game conferences and events, using game prototypes.
  • Illustrated, designed and animated characters.
  • Composed, designed and implemented all graphics, animations, music, and SFX.
  • Created motion graphics and promo videos for Reflect Yoself, Colors, Climb, Color Tiles, Gravity Tap.
  • Designed and developed the website, game assets, app store graphics, press kits, company and game brand identities.
  • Optimized (ASO, SEO) and made app store and website information architecture.
  • By sharing helpful games related information and useful resources for indie game devs, grew Bipbop Twitter following to 2k in one year.

Ladybug Communications
 Web designer
| 2009 – 2011

  • Designed, illustrated, animated and optimized Flash web banners, static web banners, Flash animations.
  • Designed, illustrated and crafted animations and motion graphics.
  • Designed, coded and developed Flash websites.
  • Designed and composed presentations.
  • Check out my old portfolio for works done for Ladybug Communications.

MaxNova Creative
 Web designer
| 2007 – 2011

  • Designed, coded and developed online and offline interactive presentations.
  • Designed and coded web components.
  • Crafted Flash websites and web banners.
  • Designed, illustrated and crafted Flash animations, motion graphics and promo videos.
  • Check out my old portfolio for works done for MaxNova Creative.

Designer | 2004 – 2019

  • In 14 years worked for more than 100 clients.
  • Designed websites, application interfaces, mobile apps, logos, presentations, games, posters, books, business cards, CD covers, ads, banners, flyers, t-shirts, packaging.
  • Illustrated icons, logos, graphics, characters, fonts.
  • Created motion graphics, promo videos, drew animations, crafted interactive presentations, music videos, TV titles.
  • Developed and coded websites, apps, chat bots.
  • Composed and produced music. Designed sounds.
  • Check out my old portfolio for works done as freelancer till 2011.

🎙 Interviews

These are my latest interviews.

Nenad Milosevic

Interview for Brainster (2020)

Nenad Milosevic: Your career is a design project as well – keep updating it. This interview is a part of the Austria Design Map 🇦🇹 – a project that tells stories of the Austrian Design scene.

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Nenad Milosevic interview

Interview for Design Rush (2017)

Diplo uses it. Hardwell uses it. Zedd uses it. And Nenad Milosevic creates it. So how does one man create one of the best dj-ing programs in the world (while simultaneously traveling it)?

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Nenad Milosevic interview

Interview for Paolo Rizzardini (2015)

There are many talented designers and developers with great ideas and this, together with a great will to emerge, makes the Serbian capital city one of the most important development centers in Europe. Laki (Lazar Arsić) and Kirf (Nenad Milosevic) are the living proof of all of this.

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🎖 Recognitions & appearances

2020 – 🎙 Brainster Interview.
2018 – 🎛 FabFilter’s R recreation featured on Sketch App Sources
2018 – 🎛 FabFilter’s R recreation featured on UX Free
2018 – 📱 Faces App featured on CaseStudy.club
2018 – 📱 Faces App featured on Sidebar.io.
2018 – 📱 Faces App featured on Webdesigner News
2017 – 🎙 DesignRush Interview.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on CDM.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on Ask.Audio.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on T-Mobile Electronic Beats.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on SonicState / Sonic Talk.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on MusicRadar / Computer Music.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on Sidebar.io.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign reached #6 place on HackerNews.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on GearNews.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on Uninvited Redesigns.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on DynaDrums.
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on Block.FM (Japanese).
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on MixMag (Croatian).
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on Digilog (Chinese).
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on MusicMag (Russian).
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on GearNews (German).
2017 – 🎚 Ableton Live Redesign featured on Kontroleryzm (Polish).
2017 – 📱 Random Vacation App design featured on iOSup.
2017 – 📱 Random Real Estate App design featured on UpLabs.
2017 – 📱 Random Real Estate App design featured on CSS Author.
2017 – 📱 Random Real Estate App design featured on 72pxdesigns.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on UXfree.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on YoArts.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Noupe.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Psddd.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Download Free PSD.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Download PSD.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on CSS Author.
2017 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on UIsck.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Dr Web (German).
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on PSD author.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Designer Mill.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Freebbble.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Freebie Supply.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on UIspace.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on Designer Resource.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on dcrazed.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on UpLabs / SiteUp.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on PSDrepo.
2016 – 🖥 Dashboard UI design rebound featured on WeShare.
2015 – 🎙 Bipbop Interview for Paolo Rizzardini (original link).
2015 – 👾 Bipbop Game review by EssentialAndroid (via web archive).
2015 – 👾 Bipbop Game review by AndroidMarket.
2012 – 💿 Gitall “Don’t Stop” released on Beatport and Amazon via PlayMe Records
2012 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on Modny73.
2012 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on KoFlash.
2012 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on TopDesignMag.
2011 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on DesignYourWay.
2011 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on QuerTime.
2011 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on BloomWebDesign (via web archive).
2011 – 🌐 The Root Out website featured on Creattica (via web archive).
2008 – 🖼 Time Pills poster featured  by DigitalPhenom on DeviantArt.
2008 – 🏆 Featured in Svet Kompjutera 1/2008 (poster).
2007 – 🏆 1st place award “ArtTech” fest. (via web archive).
2007 – 🖼 Time Pills poster featured  by Umboody on DeviantArt.
2007 – 📻 Radio Eigekai – Tokyo, Japan. (music)
2006 – 🎥 MTV Adria (music video)
2006 – 📺 TV Metropolis (interview with Zoran Kesic, music videos)
2006 – 🎥 The Root Out feat. Mc Guntzy music video (300.000 views woohoo)
2006 – 🎥 TV B92 (music video)
2006 – 🎙 Sound & Music magazine (interview)
2006 – 🎙 Radio B92 (interview, music)
2005 – 🎙 Student Magazine (interview)
2003 – 📺 TV Duga (interview)
2003 – 📰 Blic (concert review)
2003 – 📰 Glas Javnosti (concert review)
2001 – 🎙 Radio 94.9 – Studio B (music on Discomer, interview)

👌🏻 Recommendations & endorsements

“Nenad is a very talented designer, I have collaborated with on several occasions over last 10 years. He is first-class creative professional with extensive knowledge in fields of graphic and web design. Nenad is capable to develop and deliver smart and likable solutions very quickly. He knows how to work under pressure and has extensive experience to work for different clients in Serbia and abroad. Working with Nenad is a very pleasant experience, and I am looking forward to work with him again.”

👤 Nenad Maslovara – Account Manager at MaxNova Creative.

“Mr. Milosevic is a true expert in the field of digital design. His creative thinking and detailed knowledge of multiple fields within digital design has been something that we have relied upon many times. We strongly recommend Mr. Milosevic as a trustworthy, creative and reliable digital design professional.”

👤 Polat Vrionios – CEO at Ladybug Communications.

“I managed Nenad for about 3 years in Infobip (Centili) and I’m very glad and satisfied that he was a part of the company and I’m pleased he contributed with his ideas and creativity to make all the projects grow in the right direction. I highly appreciate and value his skills, capabilities, and knowledge of design and development (all aspects of it). He’s been extremely efficient and very fast in developing and shipping, from the idea to the final product, ready to be used by our merchants / partners or end-users.

In those three years I’ve seen him not only excel in UX/UI/IxD web and graphic design but also learn other tasks that extend beyond the scope of his role, like coding HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, successfully leading other designers and developers in direction of a great product and working, coordinating and collaborating with a members of other teams internally and externally. Besides that, Nenad’s strengths are also persistence, ambition, precision, curiosity, minimalism…”

👤 Aleksandar Brankovic – CTO – Centili Mobile Payments at Infobip.

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📜 20 years in the game

Nenad Milosevic

Nenad Milosevic

Somewhere in the beginning of 90’s, I got myself a first computer: 🕹 Commodore 64. When I turned twelve in 1994, my brother and I saved 💰 and bought powerful 💾 Amiga 1200 computer. Somehow, with just 2 MB of RAM, 14 MHz CPU, and 8-bit sound―I managed to design logos, draw, and manipulate photos in DeluxePaint. Sampling, composing and producing music was great fun in OctaMED. In late 90’s, I switched to Windows 98 and started using Photoshop 5.

My first website was made in Microsoft Frontpage and hosted on Yahoo GeoCities. 🙂 In 2002 I became a member of DeviantArt community. Continued making HTML/CSS websites, but over time, slowly shifted to Macromedia Flash. Using it, I illustrated, animated, designed and, built websites and simple apps. Like this artificial intelligence chatbot from 2004. 🤓

Later, I developed and designed my former portfolio website which landed me a dream job at Centili. Worked freelance, part and full time, for an agency, startup, and enterprise corporation, in-house, outsource, remotely, in a team, and solo. Beside my side projects, I co-founded android mobile game startup Bipbop Games in 2014.

🛠 Skills & tools

🤖 Technical

  • Interaction design
  • Interface design
  • Digital product design
  • User experience design
  • User-centered design
  • Mobile / app design
  • Visual / graphic design
  • Layout design
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript / Grunt (intermediate)
  • ActionScript (intermediate)
  • PHP (Basic)
  • Web / responsive design
  • Illustration / drawing
  • Brand / identity design
  • Guidelines / specifications
  • Motion design / animation
  • Game design
  • Photo retouching
  • Sound design / music production
  • Scrum / Kanban

💡 UX methods

  • Research
  • Survey / interviewing
  • Ideation / concepting
  • Personas / scenarios
  • Information architecture
  • Sketching / Wireframing
  • User flows / Storyboarding
  • Mockups
  • Rapid prototyping / hi-fi prototyping
  • Usability testing / A/B testing
  • Heuristic evaluation

🃏 Soft skills

  • Proactive / self-motivated
  • Ambitious / passionate
  • Collaborative / team player
  • Independent / leader
  • Results-driven
  • Strategic thinker
  • Self-organized
  • Intellectually curious
  • Creative / problem solver
  • Quick-learner
  • Professional / reliable
  • Communicative
  • Empathetic
  • Detail junkie

🖱 Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Bohemian Coding Sketch
  • Adobe Animate / Adobe Flash
  • Pen / Paper
  • Adobe Brackets
  • DevTools / Web Inspector
  • WAMP / XAMPP / EasyPHP
  • Eclipse
  • Unity3D
  • GIT / SVN
  • WordPress
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Sony Vegas
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Ableton Live


🏢 Clients

ℹ These are the clients I worked with directly, via agencies, or via crowdsourcing contests.

Some of my notable clients: Adidas, Coca-cola, Intesa, Elle, Atlassian, Infobip, Telekom, UniCredit.

Some of my notable clients.

Coca-Cola, Adidas, Atlassian, Banca Intesa, Elle magazine, UniCredit Bank, Telekom Serbia, Centili, Infobip, SMS Robot, MondoDrive, Belgrade’s Powerplants, BookingAdvisor, What Is My IP Address, Belgrade Universiade, Faculty of economics, Euro<26, Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, NaDlanu, Padlock Software LLC, Noc Reklamozdera, Radio 3, Story magazine, AnaLife Polyclinic, Kontext, Student Magazine, LaSestre, Argus Tours, Dediserve, BizEquity, HTTP Watch, Infolytik, Hospital Galathea, Contrast Plan Plus, Telekomunikacije magazine, Hera Consulting, Reverse Mortgage Guides, MaxNova Creative, Studentski Svet, ZPUbeograd.com, Smile Crew, Dj Witchy, Vasectoven, Dentalux, Ladybug communications, Fish Fest, Pekara Ostrvo, SIS Family, Utripu.com, Schlarafia, 2insure4less, MobiKarta.rs, MojOdmor.rs, Milano Rock, MyMojo, ContactInsurance.co.uk, YuMama, BB Brides, BizBuzz, Guybrush Treepwood, DomusMusic, Forma M Betting Company, Valentino Vallente, The Static, Dernek.ba, Furka.com, Pik.ba, Gdenasport.com, Slanjepoklona.com, Art Diler, EEprom, Carbon Cartel, Bubon Bell & Associates, XM Collection, MobiHobi.com, VipTrip, MojZid, Krepco…

ℹ For older design works, check out my old portfolio graveyard.

 🎓 Traditional education

Belgrade Polytechnic Graphic Design | 2003 – 2006
I attended this college for three years till I finally dropped out. The reason being that I needed more professional and up-to-date learning experience. I learned some design basics, but looking back now, I’m glad I decided to be self-taught instead. My curiosity is strong enough to urge me to constantly learn new things; so, I’m good. 👍🏻

Technical high school “Nikola Tesla” Electronics Engineering | 1996 – 2000
I learned technical drawing ropes here, 📐 which helped me design user interfaces like a boss!

🎿 Hobbies

  • Design
  • Coding
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Music production
  • Sound design
  • Finger drumming
  • DJing
  • Skiing
  • Psychology

👋🏻 Social

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ℹ Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more. You can download my resume in PDF or check out my Linkedin profile while waiting for response. 😉